Sasquatch finds a potential Suitor

Debra and I left home U-haul in tow for the Great North Woods. 5 hrs of atmospheric river downpours later we met up with the recently  Nomadic daughter. We spent some quality family time  over the weekend humping boxes and furniture from temp location A to the middle of literally nowhere. Met some of the locals who seemed to treat Aubrey as an oddity to be protected LOL. It was sweet. Hit some of the local restaurants and did some 4-wheeling up the flanks of Mt Hough. We got to drive Aub crazy with arranging her furniture but pretty sure it has all been undone. Beautiful area of Norcal.

We got to sit in the Feather River Canyon for an hour surrounded by thousands of bees. The tow truck guys would not get out of their rigs.



Berry baitballs

Randy and I got to chase a twenty foot diameter baitball for a few hrs in the back of a cove in the narrows. It was quite a sight with Largemouth, Spots and smallmouth herding these shad along a 2  yard stretch of water. Boated 20 plus fish.


Berry Poppins

Solo  excursion to Berryessa Sunday. 38 degree launch, no wind and  lots of cloud action early. Even had a few rain showers which I was not prepared for. Fish were active but still off the bank. I hooked largemouth deep, smallmouth in the trees, spotted bass everywhwere and a pig crappie in submerged brush. I dragged worms and jigs deep most of the day. I failed to convert  a lot of senko bites on the C-rig. This lake is about ready to bust wide open!

Sunol Regional Park

Debra and I joined Randy and Thelma for a short Sunol hike. Pretty place! Will be popping with wildflowers in a couple of weeks.

Debra was not impressed with the fact that Indian Joe trail has about 10 creek crossings but she toughed it out.

We stumbled across some freekin hippies

Melones Falls in the Spring

With all of the recent rains Mr. T and I were both chomping at the bit to see what was happening at the waterfalls way up river. We stopped at Glory Hole Sports for breakfast burritos that were promptly gobbled down as we were launching.

Bright skies, 32 degrees and a very cold wind made for a brutal 65 MPH run all the way up river where we had the lake to ourselves for 10 hrs.

The meter was blacked out at the first falls stop.

The sun topping the ridge was a welcome site as it was freezing fingers time  back in the canyon.


The fish were deep all day between 20-30 feet which forced me to adopt Turhans ultralight rigs (FUN!) and put down my usual setups. We had a very good day. NOT A BOAT IN SIGHT the entire time.

No wood, not good LOL.

I LOVE this lake and my buddy T is starting to develop a pattern here. There was water coming in everywhere but the lake is hardly stained at all.

We put 30 fish on board and quite few were slab crappie. Not one sign of any trout action and I tried.  I can’t wait until the water warms up  and the bass move up the bank.