Pura Vida-Costa Rica January 2011

Had the pleasure of traveling abroad with my two college age children and lovely wife for the first time since the kids were kids. For many years my wife and I were not cool and now we are miraculously cool again. 3.5 hrs to Houston, 1 hr layover and 3.5 hrs down made for a relaxing flight. Arrived on a Thursday at around 9:30 PM and settled into the Best Western Irazu for the night in the capitol city San Jose. Had client meetings in Heredia in the morning and embarrassingly enough could not find them as Costa Ricans do not believe in street signs as far as I can tell. So off to the small regional; airport for our 25 minute  Nature Air flight out to Quepos. Only one other couple so we are stuffed into a beechcraft

and the pilot tells my son to take the co-pilots seat.

Beech Pit

Considering my sons driving record this worried me a little.

Arrived in Quepos early evening and taxied to the resort.

Wow. 3 story villas with 2 level 280 degree wraparound verandas,

hot tub on the deck,

outdoor showers

DELUXE (Buena Vista Luxury Villas). Had food delivered from a local restaurant of which there were many.

Settled in for the night

Big tree 50 yards from our villa with large white flowers that the rain filled up each day. Obviously  a happening monkey drinking establishment

The view from the resort

Spent the next week  on various tours, beach days, exploring the countryside in rental cars, ziplining

Islands everywhere

The local laxative is very effective

Despite not speaking the local dialect somehow we knew right where to pee.

Wildlife was incredible with 4 species of monkeys, ambiguous amphibians, butterflys on steroids and birds galore

Troops of these guys right off our veranda each morning and evening. Well worth getting up early.

Not known for it’s cuisine we still ate pretty good

One restaurant was one of Ollie’s covert CIA cargo plane shot down by the Sandanistas

Our resort had it’s own private beach with new yaks, snorkel gear and boogie boards.

Saw a rainbow and a volcano on the way out of the country

What a wonderful country to travel through. Low crime, people are very nice, .02% of the worlds landmass with 5% of the worlds biodiversity. Highly recommended

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