New Melones 2-12-11

I talked Dangerous Trebles and Chilly B out of a patio boat trip to Los Vaqueros and convinced them to roll for New Mel. Loaded 2 peddlers and a paddler on the trailer and were at the ramp at 9:30. Water way up, lower ramp at Glory hole almost flooded

Had 6 rods in the water all with different gear. Weather unreal for Feb. Beat for Carson Creek with nothing on the way.

Stopped for lunch and libations. Mike checks for shrinkage

Got a couple of bobber hits off the bank but couldn’t put my beer down fast enough. We punched back in and went to work. Mike gets a speeding ticket from the County Mounty.

Ranger did a verbal check for licenses and was cool enough not to require visual proof. Lots of grass in the water made for a lot of fouled gear. I tried Thomas Bouyants, cripple lures, grubs, Panther Martins, FT rapala, little cleos. Will put this lake aside for the trout season.



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