Pardee opener 2-20-11

After a week of  rain (GLORIOUS),  Dangerious and I rolled thru the fog yax in tow. Hit the promised land

8:30 at the ramp for a cursory quagga inspection. Bankies everywhere.

First time for me at Pardee. Well run put and take with great bank access for the kiddles.

Started trolling our spread  and headed south towards the river arm following the left bank. Saw a boater bag a nice fish right away. He liked the submerged tree so we proceeds to poach his pattern. Lost a nice one  on a fire tiger rapala due to operator error  (broken line) which unfortunately left my FTR lodged in his face as a sort of gruesome clownlike jewelry. Mike gave me a Raiders rapala to console me for my loss which the fish liked.

Mike would later see a fish jump and shake something off and he  retrieved it for me.  Was my long lost FTR. Thomas Bouyant spoon was also  on

Weather did not suck

Fullspeed salute, lake 5 ft from spilling

The end of our drift was Potty point.

Rapalas worked, broken backs worked, spoons worked.

Cheeto flingers were knocking them hard and sporting full stringers bot homey don’t play that. I had 4 nice rainbows to the boat and several ldr’s. Mike did a little better than me.

Pardee traffic jam

Back to the ramp

Mike’s dinner

And back on the road

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