Dustbowl Fantasy

“A legal settlement aims to let Central Valley anglers eat more striped bass, in hopes that stripers will then eat fewer endangered species.

So the San Joaquin  Corporate Ag sharks have scored again in their increasingly successful attempt to eradicate the
spawn of Satan, the striped bass.
Pitting it against the hapless Delta Smelt, bottom of the food chain, striper candy,
Effective smokescreen to shield the most blatant water grab on the face of the planet. The voters rejected the Peripheral canal a few years back. So they bypassed the ballot box.
Eliminate stripers and the VERY vocal politically active fishing groups will have nothing left to fight for. No limit and no minimum size. The carnage will be of epic proportions.  Kiss this goodbye
The day we got Fatbottom Girl  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srqjVfd0i-w pictured above we hooked and landed about 80 bass (keeping none) with many over 10 #’s  over the course of 8 hrs. Schooling stripers are easy targets. Things will get ugly when catch and release guys see 30 and 40 stripers being hoisted into holds. The future of the striped bass in Kalifornia?  It will be over quickly.

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