Pardee Stout Party

Jerry S and I left P-town at the ungodly hour of 5:30 Saturday March 5th for Pardee. With mild weather, two full coolers and overcast predicted we were suitably stoked. We passed the Mussel inspection and were pedaling away at 7:30. Bank fisherman were elbow to asshole kneedeep in cheese whiz. Our strategy:  We mixed it up from the start rolling with Thomas Bouyants, Kastmasters, Rapalas, panther Martins, fenders and crawlers of the night etc. I even trotted out Bayou Boogie.  Made an early stop for one of J’s breakfast creations and a Guinness.

Thus fortified we ran 6 miles up the river arm with nary a nibble.  Cloud show, bird show but fish no show. Tried for bass for a while c-rigging morning dawn robo worms for ZIP. Was really hoping for a smallmouth. Decided to head back towards the stupid trout zone after lunch. I finally hit a nice square tail  fish about half way back along a rock wall on a silver black rapala.

Was working right off the bank occasionally bouncing rock. This poor guy was already wearing some face jewelry but I boxed him anyways as J had people at home wanting trout. Hit another rounding the big point of the Moke river arm.

J’s sweating bullets at this point but puts up a brave front

And finally gets on the board with a couple in rapid succession.

We were now back at the rec area dodging shorebound haters and tin can desperados. Rapalas start working well with the cloud cover building in. We locate a spot with a marshmallow hatch going on and begin racking them up losing a BUNCH of toads due to laziness. I nail a MOE on a firetiger Rapala after losing 2 in a row.

Ended up with sore asses, 14 miles pedalled, 6 fish between us kept and MANY lost.

Aliens crashed to Earth on the return trip but we have no fear.

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