Melones Victory at Sea 3-20-11

Dangerious and I  decided to leave the yaks at home due to predicted weather and wisely? took the tin can  (or as I call her Bauxite Betty). This was only my second time astride Betty since I bought her 9 months ago as I am addicted to the crack called yak. She is a mid 80’s 14 ft Klamath deluxe with 25 HP merc tiller steer 2 stroke.  I mounted  a new Scotty downrigger earlier this week. Great setup for 2. Stopped and dropped coin at the Glory Hole in exchange for goods and launched in light rain and wind. Saw some recent pics at GH of some TOAD spots.

Bauxite Betty about to get all wet

Headed straight back to Carson Cove where we knew water would be coming in. Trolled the FT rapala, Thomas Bouyant and broken back rebel. Mike was rolling the flasher crawler. Stopping occasionally to throw c-rig robo worms.

Gravy Train


Near Carson Creek

Carson Creek

Lush green everywhere with wildflowers poised for the big bloom.

I picked up a fish right in the creek flow on a bobber that was rigged with a berkeley fluke on a crappie jig head to break the skunk.


Bobber lobber

Need to learn how to hold fish for photo

Wanted to stay back there but noticed the wind was picking up so we headed back towards the ramp. Got our asses kicked with a  wet ride from a stiff quartering wind wave around 3-4 feet.  I hate tiller steering in slop. Ducked into the houseboats for lunch. Debra’s sammys killed as usual.

Egg salad with Black Forest Ham

We fished for another 2 hrs for zip and pounded the last mile to the ramp in a freshening squall that we watched march from the dam towards us.  It beat us unfortunately. Wild ride it was. I put my lifejacket on.

Victory at Sea

One thought on “Melones Victory at Sea 3-20-11

  1. That is hardcore fishing Pat.Your going to have to try Pedro with your yak.Some good fishing on this lake also.

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