Del Valle Green Scene 4-2-11

Pedal partner Debra and I set out for Del Valle to cure the winter blues. Buyer beware, $26 to launch 2 yaks at Del Valle including predation permit. Water was stained and 59 degrees.

First Mate

Grebes were drying their stuff.

Grebe Hostel

Debra went bird fishing


Onto my fave lunch cove but we wuz thwarted I say

Cafe Cove Cock Block

Fishing was slow but beer was cold and sammitches good

Lunch Counter

Debra reported that my new hand coil pole holder worked quite well.

Poor Holder

We set off for the dam hoping for cleaner water

5 miles in

Boulder Bumping

No one home there either so we pedalled homewards. Lake was full to the brim.


New cover

Ospreys were working it. Baldy’s were a no show but we could hear them high up.

Fellow Fisherman

So we had our hats handed to us. No bites, no fish. Tried Rapalas, spoons, bayou Boogies, worms etc. Sun came out as I hit the 11 mile mark.

Clouds, parted.

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