New Melones Solo Sunday 4-3-11

So I abandoned my lovely wife and pedal partner Sunday and headed up to Melones to bake some winter out of my bones and hopefully reverse the skunk trend I have been on lately. Splashed the yak at 9:00 from T-Town ($10 launch this year) and headed for the Dam.

Bank Robbers

Stanislaus, restrained

Bobber Lobber

Water was reasonably clear 58 degrees some debris, intermittent breeze, no floating cheese please.

Have always hooked fish here, just not today.


Lake not full but rising rapidly.

Heeded warning

Some fascinating geology near the dam


Bobber nookie

Life Aquatic

I worked the face of the dam with trolling stuff.

Marlene Dietrus

I bobbered every rock face. At Oroville every nook in this rock would hold spots.


I worked morning dawn robo worms from 2 ft to 40 feet. Went back to the jointed Rapala. Finally had by bell rung with a tiny but welcome spot.

G spot

Green Goddess

Sought comfort in the bottle

Downtown Brown

Wind started to pop and I had a long paddle back  so I rigged up a sail that got me to 2 MPH.

Sail rig

One last bladder stop

Isle of Whiz

11 mile pedalled making for 22 miles over the weekend. Really enjoying the Wave Walkers.

One thought on “New Melones Solo Sunday 4-3-11

  1. Good to see the lake full again.I made many trips across that dam with compaction sand in the building process.Those kyacks are keepiong you in good

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