24 Hrs of Lemons Sears Pointless 2011

Contemplating the Big Pile

I had the pleasure of sponsoring the Faster Farms 1966 Plymouth Belvedere in a recent 24 hrs of Lemons race. The latest event was in March at Sears Point (Infineon). It was a rainy 3 days of  track wack.  The Big Pile ran well and finished mid-pack with only one black flag due to a shunt into the tire wall on Saturday (no one hurt). We are working on some video but for now some pix for your viewing pleasure.

Meet Jim

Everyone enjoys a good BM

Chasing Tail

Through the Wing


A rare Guatamalen Chipmunk

Chicane in the Rain

Battle with a Bulge

Lifting in the hairpin

Belvedere vs Teener

Judges Bribe table for those with Cheaty Bits

Coming up Daisies

What was I talking about again?

Post Shunt Victory Lap

Post shunt flower power

Dicing it up

Fear the Rear of the mighty Belvedere

Drivers date

Burning the Italians

Drivers meeting

Lonesome Cowboy Ric

Fender Intact

Hurt my eyes

Look what a promising Rap career can buy!

Post apocalypse hairpin

Hurling Moss with real moss

Hell hath no Furry


Stand back while I spontaneously combust!

Hula Hoops, WTF?

How the west was won

Bukakke penalty

Caffiene Dream

Look closely at front tire

The Car is no stranger to turf incursions and Gorilla Landscaping

Post Shunt


Adriatic, Chief Belvedere abuser

Fearless Leader, Mr. Belvedere undergoing toejam inspection

Team Faster Farms

Congratulations Team, a monumental Pile it was!


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