Pyramid Lake 4-9-11 Meet the Beetles

Hit the road at 11:00 AM from Pleasanton. Great lunch at Venetti Rheas? in Rocklin. Had some crazy weather at Donner summit but escaped unscathed. Debra and I checked into the 27th floor of Silver Legacy in Reno  Friday night after having hit both Cabelas and Scheels  in the afternoon.  Skies were restless

Cloud battle

We gambled a bit after crappy casino dinner and Dangerous Trebles and Chilly B rolled in around 10:00 PM. On the road to the lake at 5:30 AM Saturday sans Debra.

First stop at an empty Blockhouse

White back beetle with Chartruese belly raised a fish right away. Spinning gear with a banana sinker fished carolina rig SLOW.

Not huge but colorful

Red all over

He walks on water


Stopped at Sand hole for awhile where sissy stick guys were sitting on their thrones.

Special plaque for the occasion

Sand Hole which was kicking out fish

Tadpole beetle strikes again


‘We hit Crosbys for a bit and then cruised the Nets. The place was packed and  you had to wade 100 yards out so back we went south.

Meanwhile back at Block House

Spotted one

Lahontan Mountain

Dangerous back on

To the net

Numero 3 for DT

The release

When clouds attack

Numero 3 for me

Thanks for coming in

Long but fun day at Mother P.

Back to Reno for to collect Debra who decided not to fish and  show us up. Steak dinner and drinks at Harrahs steakhouse did not suck. Too tired to gamble but Debra did well again. Decided to skip fishing Sunday AM. Rolled for home the long way down 49 from Auburn. DT texted me that the nets were EN FUEGO Sunday.

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