Ode to the Bone

Randy and I hit Russos at 2:00 and headed west.

Nobody home

April 20, stuff was burning

Low tide to beginning incoming no wind. Chased Ghost stories in Sherman with stops near Lauritzens and the break. RIP


Aquatic Effigy or Boating accident?

Bad juju

Ran fast back east late in the afternoon weak incoming tide and overcast. Finally see a couple of boils and bait sprinkles on top.  Sent the spook out to scout but only love taps. Back to casting to the tules and the large ones wanted it close. Bone Super Spook was EN FUEGO. Started whackin the largies while hearing stripers slashing bait in the distance. Whiplash I say trying to keep track of the noise.


Was getting tail slapped and sucked every other cast.

Livin large

Bobby Barrack briefly crashed the party with 2 fly guys aboard  but soon departed realizing we was outgunned as the Pickerell brothers were in town.  We moved again to the woods  and  continued seeing  bass willing to go on top.


No action on spinnerbaits, frogs or jigs.

Nuther large

Still getting bait busting and occasional slash off the bank. Ran through a number of largemouth.

Dental Exam

Hit dead end cove with  wood and all hell breaks loose with Randy and I on doubles of big stripers in 2 ft of water. We do the pole dance and swap ends of the boat as my fish wraps around two trees and the trolling motor. Randy’s heads for Benicia ripping off 65# spectra at will. I muscle mine out of two trees. He  sees bare spool and buttons down his drag. POP his fish is off. Randy lifts the trolling motor and frees my line and I land a 15# fish.

All hail the SPOOK!

I was pumped and Randy was not.

Light was failing so we head for Circle your Wagons for a few last throws. BOOM DOUBLE. Nice HOT fish making headway on Curado 300 with 65# braid. By this time I am obviously vibrating

Last Chance in Franks

At this point R is pissed and starts photographing only parts of my fish

No Tail Motel

Most of my last fish for the night

Back out Friday!

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