Oro Fixation 4-30-11

Randy and I hit the road Thursday Am for our annual April Oroville Spotfest. The big eye in the sky was watching

Eye in the Sky

Launched at Bidwell around 1:00 PM.  Lake level way up. Some wind and clouds. Ran to the South Fork and it was on


Spinning rigs, 15 # spectra to a swivel. Bobber hung off the swivel, 5 ft of 12#mono to crappie jigs, 2 inch Berkeley minnows. Fish were tight to structure.

2x 2x

Average size this year

Middle fork creek spot


Cloud cover ROCKED!

Put at least 50 fish on the boat with MANY lost and missed bites. Weather cold and windy with small amounts of rain.

They liked it in the trees and came in threes

dinner bell was rung

Cloud show

After taking one in the head on the delta at 60 MPH last year Randy does not like ducks and was not happy with our hitch hiker

Duck Soup

Margarita time!

Back to town and had Mexican at Papacito’s on Oro Dam blvd. Oroville is almost completely devoid of decent food. Checked into the bass boat hotel west side of town.

Friday was COLD and windy and was a jackass ride out to the south fork. No clouds and much slower in the morning

Boulders were holding fish

Running the walls

Always some protected spots at Oro but if you can handle a trolling motor in the windy mudlines on points you were on fish. Spinnerbaits did not work. C-rigged robo worms did not work. Got a couple of late afternoon hits on poppers.


Boated around 30 fish for the day, slow by Oro standards.

Saw these citizens at the Bridge

These are the kind of friends to have when you are thirsty.


Must have been some party on Floater#10 Friday night! Back to town and the Gold City grill for decent steak dinner.

Back at it Saturday morning with Thelma and Debra on board. Clusterfark with 4 people throwing bobbers (2 of which are rookies) in high winds but we all caught fish.

A team

Thelma gets it done

Love this lake

Less than 20 ft from full!

Feel like we were a week or two early due to the rowdy winter. Should have spent more time dragging the bottom with plastics but hard to put down the cork. Skipped fishing on Sunday and ran River road back on the Sac with lunch at Al the Wops in Locke. Trippy place, two thumbs up.

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