Delta Piglets 5-5-11


Splashed the bass boat at Russos at 1:30. Low tide and windless, not a cloud in the sky. Mid 80’s. Smelled very fishy. Ran straight west quite a ways as Tomo was reportedly in the house. Messed around inside Sherman waiting for the tide to start for nada. Moved further west along a tule bank with current and begun whacking. No camera help as I was solo today.

Hold out shot

Fish were very hot today, bad attitudes, jumping and cavorting. The  Lucky Craft SP128 Green back and white belly was ON. Reel in two ft-pause-jerk-reel in two ft rinse and repeat. I figure this lure runs 3-5 feet deep and I was in 8-10.  I took the time and effort for perfect boat positioning allowing only  up current casts so the lure went right at their noses. You won’t get many hits in current dragging the wrong way. Easier to do when you don’t have some whiny bitch in the back seat (Hello Randy) complaining about getting pinched (Kidding Bro!). I was casting right to the tules but most hit 10-20 feet off the bank. Got slammed by a MOE  and went around the boat a couple of times. Briefly hung on some cable hanging off the outboard and once on the trolling motor. Boat is ripping along on a 4 knot current. But luck 65# powerpro, freshly serviced and properly adjusted drag brought her boatside.  Wanted pix bad but could not lift her in the boat (got boga?) so took pix of her in the water. For reference the SP128 is 5 inches long so I guessed this fish to be 40 inch or longer and VERY FAT.




Here is a length analysis

She shook a hook into my thumb and self released.

They call her Flipper

Bled like a stuck pig but I hella coagulate. (got first aid kit?). Had to sit down and have a beverage after that.  Heard from Tomo that they stayed WAY east and north so I ruined their day with tales of the bite out west. Started making my way back and found fish in several current spots in the San Joaquin. Had some froggy action on largies in Little Franks but none landed as I can’t concentrate when there are stripers around.

Into Big Franks for the late  bite and picked up several on the bone spook at Circle Your Wagons to finish out the evening.

Another holdout


The last holdout

Very rare for me to quit early but off the water today at 7 PM. Killing me to think what it would have been like at sunset!

Great day on the water. Probably 5 fish over 10#’s and a half a dozen shakers.

3 thoughts on “Delta Piglets 5-5-11

  1. very bitchen @

    I’ll be out this weekend – I’ve picked up a couple walkers and hoping for some boils.

    Im planning on hitting riversend .. over by the gates – ? Any pointers.

  2. Those are now our spawners!Good to see some delta fish that havn’t gotten sucked into the canals…Red

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