Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Debra and I were picked up at O’Hare airport and whisked off to  her brother Ric’s Indiana lake man cave 2 hrs way.

Home lake in the chain

Party Pit

Paradise Found

His trailer sits on a small lillypad covered lake connected to several other lakes near Plymouth. Largest of which is maybe 2 miles long  and up to 50 ft deep in places.

Threading the needle


Had a relaxing 4 days fishing, riding various motor powered objects, shooting all manner of firearms and archery,

Hey Yew



We shot some historical stuff

early 1900's single action 45 with monster kick

Clay and Ric

bbqing visitin and drankin.

Froggin was on and we could get largemouth to come up between the pads and thru the cheese at any time of day. Not off the hook but we were not working too hard either. Fished frogs, small Rapalas, spinnerbaits, poppers, bayou boogie, but had the most fun on frogs.

Rapala Fish



Scum Frog


Miles of this

Had a brush with danger one afternoon as a NASTY squall came up on the lake we were fishing forcing a hasty retreat.

Auntie EM!

Weather Rock


Love the quiet out here late evening.

Mirror Finish

In the boys and their toys category, Ric has a 61 willys jeep, Kawasaki  street bike, Honda 250 and 600 dirt bikes, honda quad, 16 ft Lund, canoe and 2 kayaks, riding lawn mower etc all parked on the property and he is considered a Piker by local standards.  So the time went really fast. Indiana locals are pretty real, not a lot of pretense if you know what I mean. God fearin folk. The area is an outdoorsmans dream. Wildlife everywhere you turn


Don't ride with this guy


Thanks to Tirtza, Nino, Ric and Bingo the wonder Dog for a great getaway.

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