Snowbound Sierras

Kaster and I ran up the hwy 88-4 area Fathers day on a hunt for black helicopters and a rare  Bird. After a brief sighting we drove Sheep Ranch road to Avery and headed up 4. Kept hearing banjo music in the distance.  Up 4 past big trees. Snow level was around 6000 ft. Made a stop at  Boards Crossing.

Sourgrass looking upriver

Sourgrass looking downriver

Of course the Stani was raging.  Continued up the road hoping to fish the ice edges at Alpine. Stopped at Hells Kitchen overlook.

Water coming down canyon

HK Overlook

6 ft of snow piled up at road edge.  Great breakfast at the Alpine lodge.  A few belly boaters there with maybe 15% of the lake iced out.

Alpine Ice

No action so we headed for Spicer. Needless to say Spicer was WAY FULL.

Spicer UP!


Spicer Ramp

Can’t wait for our upcoming camping trip there. The river coming out of the dam was up but fishable.

Stani about 3 miles from Spicer

Green Pools

Unfortunately   not a fish spotted. Rolled back down the hill and home by 6 for Papas day dinner.

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