Angelic Butts

Debra and I went to the Giants game Friday night and enjoyed a come from behind win against  Clevelandian Indians. Sammitches and Dead Guy Ales at Tommys Joint.  Spent the night on the boat with Randy and Thelma. Chilly B, Lonny, Henny and Dangerous Trebles rolled in at 8:00 AM and we were off.


The bait man told us  a new school had arrived and there were fish from North Bar to Angel. Reminder to self half scoop is PLENTY.

Dyno Tuned


Back to get the ladies who were securing vittles

Sex in the city

We motor to  Angel and he was spot on. Arrived   around 8:30 to see 11 party barges in play and numerous skiffs.  Nets going all around. Thelma calmly cranks up a 10# fish.

T-Rod is on


Mike sticks a respectable 25# fish



Sunnyside up

and Chilly roped in a just legal.


And goes off on the flatty


Crazy sailboat race in the midst of the drift with outright brinksmanship between the puff-baoters and the fishing fleet.  Cold breeze and light fog. Winds 10 plus and increasing.  A few PBs leave and I splits  for Paradise. Lonny was snakebit


And I was net bitch

Great weather, 4 party boats and no action. Off  to the  B flats for windy boredom. I see a crowd at Alcatraz and we drift the SE corner for an hour seeing quite a few fish caught in 40-50 feet. We only saw halibut netted today no stripers.  8 party boats here with 20 plus  skiffs in pretty close quarters. Pulled the plug around 3:30. Fun first live bait trip of the season.

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