Solo Delta run 6-26-11

Got the pass from Debra late Saturday eve to fish Sunday so no time for hookups. Solo again. Was sure the frog bite would be on so opted for the D. Realized I left camera/s behind halfway over Vasco and considered turning back but pressed on. Stopped at the Walgreens in Brentwood and picked up a cheap Olympus digital and headed to Russos. Did the tractor launch thing and motored to Sugar Barge for fuel. Saw one of the Triumph center consoles they rent with a couple of fly guys, Sweet little rental rigs with bow mount TM. Flew to Mandy to find a bottomed out tide. Was interesting shooting the 10 ft gap getting in. Lots of cheese and weeds. Threw the frog for half hr and blew through to Mildreds. Pounded most of her corners and holes for a few dinks. Throwing beavers, senkos, frogs, SP128’s. They would chase spinnerbaits but that was it. Off to Little Franks to rinse and repeat, dink fest here as well. No birds, no bait, no stripers. Tractored out of the water by 3:00 PM. Guess I didn’t need the camera.
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