Spicer World

Just returned from my annual boat in camping trip to Spicer Meadows Reservoir. An impoundment of the Stanislaus, Spicer is nestled at the base of the Dardanelles at 7000 ft.  We run up 3.5 miles of the 7 mile lake  about an hours pedal/paddle to an island on the south side before the two domes. This island can hold 6 tents and has a natural “harbor. We took 3 pedal yaks, a 14 ft alum and the bass boat.

Outbound beer barge

Lots of BARELY submerged boulders the size of school busses in this lake.

Typical Spicer Scene

The island pictured above will hold 3 tents.

Had my wife and 2 adult children, brother Randy GF Thelma and Thelma’s kids Sara and Tommy. Mike Schaefer the grill master joined us as well.

Manning up the O grill

I love camping with people that have the whole thing down. I asked Mike if he had a toothpick and…

Hernial Caber Toss

We splashed the fleet Friday at noon and powered back to our island and set up camp.

Island of Adult Beverages


Peanot gallery

Our spot has decent shade and is easy on the eyes. Here is the view looking back at the dam.

Room with a view

What followed was a weekend of good food,

Cheesy poofs

great company, water play, firearms,


Un-named shooter

She was chanting "Unicorns and Rainbows" while blowing holes in stuff

fishing, relaxing and an adult beverage or three.  Fishing was decent and Mike did real well at the headwaters. They bit Thomas Bouyants, Mepps, Panther Martins and kastmasters. I got a chance to play with my new sail which turned out to be quite a handful with 2 rods out. Clocked 4.3 MPH at one point. I could go back and forth across the wind but would lose 100 yards at each pass. Was able to tie the guy wires to my pole holder and fish hands free.

lazy sailor

Got this rainbow on the sail/troll.

din din

Lake was chock full and very beautiful. Hated to go home. Mike was sportin his new to him Hobie mirage decked out with all manner of gadgetry.  This load would be fun in a head wind.

Dangerous Trebles

Note Spicer can get mean in the wind late morning and the beat back to the dam fully loaded can be epic!  But if you leave by 9:00 AM you will get this


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