Elkhorn Kayak Run

Debra and I made the run to Moss Landing Saturday morning Wave  Walkers in tow.  We made the traditional stop at Phils Fish Market. Sandab sammys……

Launched at around noon with incoming tide.

Loving the fog on the skin

the Stacks

What’s that smell?

Furbag Rave

o no u ditnt

Made a left under the bridge

Avenida Uno

Headed about 2 miles up riding the tide.  Sea otters were thick

Shell cracker

Debra gets pulled over for speeding by Julie Packard Police

License and registration please

He really wanted to share his knowledge. He explained that all of the otters back in the slough were females and the rowdy young males guard the slough at the entrance repelling suitors. Gaseous horny leopard seals were everywhere. They have splashed close to Debra many times so she gives them her most potent stinkeye.

Leprosy seals

Made a left into a side slough that parallels the main slough for a couple of miles. This side slough is great for birding but don’t get caught there on low tide.

Side trip

Eaglet in japanese=egret

North American Whiffle Huffer

Tide dropping

Lunch dock

Finally broke back into the main slough and rode the outgoing back to the coast

Calder Sculpture

Fleet coming in

Heard many white seabastians caught today off the hotels. Saw the otter male gangs near the mouth.

Elkhorn slough paddle/pedal? Highly recommended.

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