Delta Stripers 8-27-11

Ken and Randy joined me for our first exploratory striper trip of the fall. We tractor launched at Russos at 10:00 am to a minus tide slack. Wind was a little stronger than the 10-15 MPH predicted but we decided to pound it west even though Randy had caught a couple in Franks 2 days before. We rolled to Broad Slough and tried to setup at the entrance to the racetrack. Was tough to stay positioned with a strong NW wind and chocolate milk so we ducked inside. In one of the  bays inside Sherman Randy gets a look on the fabulous Bone Super Spook and gets batted 4 ft into the air before the fish commits to the relationship. This was in about 3 ft of water so we saw her an easy 10 lber. Unfortunately she popped off. Tried half a dozen spots in SHerman with rattle traps, spooks, punkers, and pointers. Moved to the SJ near Lauritzens and a small slough east of there with a great incoming tide.  Moved on to the break for some frogging and got plenty of humps but they would not eat. Blew back to Franks around 4:00 at the end of the tide. Picked up a few to maybe 8 lbs but not wide open by any means.

Some action shots

Rando Bendo

Bone Spook was on the menu

And results


Typical hard pulling delta schoolie

Note my pole has fallen into the water in above pic. DOH!

Robbin and Stealin

A week of cooler weather and things will get interesting!



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