Delta 9-1-11

Randy and I launched at 4:00 from Russos to calm hot conditions. We decided to stay local for the evening. High tide was predicted for around 8:00 PM. Saw these bobber warriors on the way out.

Bobber Lobbers

Worked all the north openings for a number of rags. Several came on chrome/blue 3/4 OZ rattle traps.

Diaper Striper

Hooked an approx 10 # hot striper on the BOne Super Spook. After a few minutes of runs she buried herself in the weeds and popped off. Shortly thereafter Randy stuck a nice largemouth in the same general area.


Cool shot of salad, spook and smile


Wind was picking up near sunset so I busts out the Baby Doc

Big Guns for Bigguns

Got pretty quiet so just sat back and enjoyed the scenery with and adult beverage.

You owe me $5 bro!

Sliver of Silver

Any day now….


4 thoughts on “Delta 9-1-11

  1. nice outing Pat … last Sun we saw 4 boats near Clifton with bobbers and i thought for sure it must be ON.

    70+ to owe the 5 ? 😉

    Have a safe weekend … we will be on land this weekend since we are trying to steer clear of disco this weekend.

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