Delta 9-5-11

Rolled out of the crib at 5:00 am with Dangerious Trickles on a quest for linesides. 2nd trailer in the lot at 6:00 AM.

Bit of wind and start of the incoming.


Ran short to a spot in north Franks that has been giving it  up for sunrise.


Got humped several times for a few dinks.

ran to Sherman and Broad but blown out and dirty. Was jackass in broad with trolling motor cavitating and bow pitching. There were fish there but too roily. Hit the break and SJ for zip.

Near Lauritzens

Ran back to Franks and hit paydirt on the bone spook

10 plus

from there we worked Mandeville and Mildreds and finished up in Franks. Off the water at 3:30. Should kept the one for BBQ.

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