Monterey, Ca. September 10th, 2011

Debra and I took the road bikes down to Monterey for a cruise of the waterfront.  We saw Jesus on the way dragging his cross across 2 lanes of very busy traffic.

Upon arrival we saw some sardine schools getting HAMMERED.


These poor fish were getting hammered by seals, cormorants, seagulls, dolphins,

seal lions, pelicans etc and moved a couple of miles around the harbor over the space of a half hour.

Sardine Factory

Skiffs were coming in early with White Sea Bass in the 30-50# class


We rode about 6 miles along the beach in beautiful weather. Saw this cute couple getting hitched.

Mr and Mrs Cabellero

Meanwhile back at Cannery Row there was a gaudy display of Altered American Iron. Took only interior or detail shots. No full on porn.

Wooden bike guy was pitching builds at $4000 a shot

Rat shots

More random goodness

Raffle prize

Elvez showed up


Honorable mention, Homemade Fins Category

Stomach growling

Nader Hater

Compensating for something?

Had some crappy lunch in the cannery and headed back to the car. Great bike ride as usual.

Julie Packards private back yard

And your little dog too!

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