Delta 9-28-11 Hot and Cold

Weather was hot, fishing was cold. Launched from Russos at noon with Ken. Ran straight west to Broad.

Incoming tide just started. No wind and bluebird skies. Tried several spots in Broad and Sherman working Rattle traps, jerkbaits and the occasional topwater.

Couple of dinks. Started working our way back late afternoon hitting the south bowls of Big Break, Eddos and the shoals in 3 mile. Zippo with no fluid. Made the east circuit Franks, Mandy and Mildred. Hyacinth breaking up and on the move made navigating sort of like pinball.

Dog with no bone.

Back to Franks at dusk and we have bait and fish busting hard for an hour

Problem: all small fish .

Enjoyed a peaceful sunset

Tried Circle your Wagons

Hung it up at around 7:00.

Little crispy today.

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