Delta 10-9-11 Does Size Matter?

Randy and I tractored launched in Russos at a leisurely noonish and headed due west. Had a PM from Team Slug Bug that west was slow but had to make the run anyways or I would not have slept well. Weather pretty spectacular 70 degrees virtually no wind and 3 hrs left of incoming. Early October, great sammys and fat tires on ice we wuz suitably amped. Arrived at the back door to Sherman only to find these guys POACHING ALL OVER MY SHIT!

Team Slug Bug

These Hamachi eatin pirates were on a 2.5 day binge and we crossed paths a couple of times. They headed east while we pushed out to Broad sure that the pirates had missed our fish in our weeds but there was no life there. We tried several spots in the middle of Sherman and bounced into the SJ to fish West Island and various north bank stretches. ZIP! Pointers, rattle Traps,  and big hammers all ignored. Tried topwater everywhere we went as we’z jus plain ornery about that. Explored the  middle and south bays of Big break. Great looking clean water. Found bait in a mid bay hole and had steady action on top but no size.


Green trout and stripers mixed all up. Bounced for Little Franks and ran into Tomo’s crew again, still slow for them as well. Great to meet Michelle, Tom and Carlo. Wound up in the north franks area for sunset. Found bait and birds thick and worked it for an hr but all small fish. Moved to another inlet where some fly guys had camped for the last 4 hrs. Randy got the kind with a toilet flush right at sunset with a hot estimated 15# fish on bone spook that buried him FAST in the weeds and she was gone. Was an almost full moon so would like to blame the slow day on that.

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