New Melones 2011 Shakedown 10-29-11

Debra ran the sandwich string Friday night for a party of 5. Egg salad, ham, turkey and cheese.

Master at work here

We usually even get our names on the bags but she is slipping. We hit the launch at 9 to xlnt bluebird wx

burning ball

We saw the north ramp was open so we ran Angels creek instead of our usual Carson creek run.

2 pedal yaks and a tin can ready for battle. Ken, Brian, Mike G, my son and I.


The nice man at Glory Hole set me up with diver and cop car needle fish. It worked.

Spots were on it at 30 feet. If I would have stopped and dragged worms I probably could have racked up the spots.

Spot on

The diver had me dragging bottom at 35 feet which is where the spotz were.First time using a diver and I was surprised at how effective it was getting down to specific depths.


Ran back to  a bay just before the Angels creek arm and picked up a salmonid. Is this a Koke?

Fairly slow day but I knew it was early for Melons.


Small wet spot

Off the water before sunset. Need a good storm to bring the trout up.

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