delta wasteland 11-6-11

Debra and I did punched through the low overcast on Vasco to a 10:00 AM Russos tractor launch. Mid 50’s , no wind and half cloud. We dropped our pots and headed out for some bass fishin.

delta splendor

Tried a couple of spots in Franks as deep down I want to avert the oil crisis by fishing local. Very quiet. Ran west all the way to Broad. Lunch in the middle of Sherman. Safeway sammys. WTF? Off color water out west. Action was non-sxistent. Stopped in the break. DEAD.

Little franks gave up a nice size green bass which chose not to be boated. Debra stifles a yawn and breaks out the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving magazine and I know I am bombing at that point.  Spent the last couple of hrs in Franks without the slightest look at anything we were throwing. Strange. Only action was Methel Island RVBQ exploding meth lab on wheels on the bridge.

Mobile Meth Lab

Enjoyed being out on the water with my baby.

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