On the chew New Melones 12-3-11


Stellman and Dangerious pulled into my house at 6:00 AM. Two Hobies and the mighty wave walker transferred to my trailer and we were off at 6:05. On the water by 8:15, 48 degrees, bluebird with 5 MPH wind.

Pro Staff

Two rods out on all three kayaks. Dinner was served.

Party barge

Decent weather

Fish were greedy and eager. Copcar needle fish and Thomas Bouyants on top killed.

Lived to tell his story

Jerry limits out by 10 AM.

Pure Luck


They were right on top and not picky.

Meanwhile back in the creek arm

From about 9 to noon the radio crackled on the fine 69. Stellman was on fire with the gold mepps Cyclops. I farmed a lot of bites with the single hook needlefish but like that lure better because trebles are tough on fish flopping about in the footwell.

Easy money


Lunch break at the waterfall as usual.

This was the average size fish

Not much water coming down this year. No action way back in the arm but 1/4 mile out was stacked.


Pretty cool place to relax a bit.


Battlewagons in port

We all had 10 fish easy by lunch. The arm was full of the right kind of birds.

Pot winner

Needlefish victimMike got fish on fire tiger rapala also

Late for lunch

The right neighborhood

we gobbled a sammitch and punched back in. A little slower in the afternoon but still plenty of action.

Last one I kept

Was a very bright pedal back. Hat and sunglasses mandatory.


Just before you head into the creek arm you will see two islands and 4 or 5 white bouys. DO make several passes through there when you go. Lots of depth changes. We trolled up pretty tight to shore but got bit in the middle as well.

These bouys and islands held fish

No bombers for me today but kept 4 for the table.

Guess who's coming to dinner

Fish busting all over in the bay by Angels arm. Almost stopped and bank fished.

Angels Creek arm

The Hump

And then

The Orb Drops

Highlights of the day:

Bloody Marys and breakfast burritos

Sun in my face

20 fish each AT LEAST.


Campo Viejo Riserva Rioja 2006

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