Delta 12-19-11 Schooled

Launched solo Sunday at 8:00 am to pea soup fog and 37 degree temps.

Navigation hazard

Messed around in Franks until I could see enough to motor. Ran straight west and stopped on some terns and gulls doing their bird business on the bar at Eddos. Pitched a chrome blue rattle trap right into the weeds and popped it off into the mouth of a 5# schoolie with all kinds of enthusiasm.

Typical fatty

I picked up 3 more almost on back to back casts


and decided I better put on the helmet cam. Got five more on on the gopro H2 (editing now) before I spaced and drifted too far. Got back up to the tip of the bar but birds had split so I knew I had lost the session. I kept mixing in a spook cast but they liked the rattles.

Moved on to inner Sherman and found a couple willing to go on the spook but still small fish. Saw a number of small fish caught by guys plugging in the middle of Sherman. Tide started going out so started running and  gunning. Tried all over in Sherman, Broad (dirty), Sac, SJ, the Break and Franks but that was it for the day.

Weather turned out to be pretty nice so felt really lucky to have this day on the water. Feel like the bulk of the fish are still holding out west and have no idea where the momma are.

back bay in the break

Blue on Blue

World Peace

South Franks

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