Pura Vida 2012

I had the pleasure of joining ten family/friends on a 9 day R&R in Quepos Costa Rica over the holidays. Good times.  We rented   a  newly built 4 bedroom villa that was fabulous.

Jungle Land

hosted by an Americano who coincidentally was a charter boat captain as well.

Capt Dave

For the first couple of days we lounged HARD. We fished one day 5 of us on a 31 ft Bertram with decent gear.


I told Capt Dave that we wanted to fish in-shore, hold our own poles and hook/fight our own fish. Forget the fact that Quepos is the sailfish-marlin capital of the world.  Dave gave our instructions to the Captain in Spanish with much gesturing. Dave was actually deck hand that day. Off we go.

Pez Vella departure


Yours truly

El Capitan

We promptly headed out to to 1500 feet 28 miles out and put the trolling gear in LOL.

Randys up

After 3 missed bites a sail comes up in the spread, Dave starts dragging in the  wayback outside clone teasers, the sail commits to a second wave ballyhoo and it is off to the races. Randy is on the board with a nice sail.

Money shot

Thelma was up next and brought a bleeder in which was released at boat-side. Thelma always catches fish.

Luz D'Alma

We trolled for HOURS with 10 boats in the vicinity and it was quiet through the middle of the day. At noon the Capt scrambles down from the bridge and shoos us off the port engine cover where we were fighting off sleep and pulls off a large tin foil package. Out of the cabin comes killer fried chicken, pineapple slices, homemade tortillas and pickled vegetables.

More boring trolling ensues and finally we pick up and run closer by 15 miles. Back in with the trolling gear 8 rods out. Clay farms one and we give him the next bite which is a dorado. DINNER BELL!



dave hogties him

Safety measure?

The fish blows color by the time we take pix

Table fare

Nothing for the rest of the day. Debra whipped up a mighty fine dinner for ten

To die for

The rest of the trip was a pleasant succession of beach, butterflies, birds, monkeys, beach and more beach.

Playa Ballena


Randy Y Luz


Group grope

Grape roll

Manuel Antonio


This was my 3rd trip in 4 years and I really feel at ease in Costa Rica. The people are friendly and seem to enjoy life although there are clear distinctions between haves and have-nots. We rented cars one day and took a 6 hr drive through Jungle, mountains, plantations, Indian reservations, river canyons and back to the coast.


Amazing beauty.

Deck view

Head high

Had a killer rainstorm and fireworks show New Years eve with all ten of us up in the third story open air patio. Mucho Bebidas and great company.


Pura Vida!

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