New Melones 1-8-12 Full Moon Blues

Debra and I spent Saturday night in Angles Camp as she is not a big fan of the 6:00 AM start and 2 hr drive. Wanted to launch at the 49er bridge but locals advised against so we hit the G-spot and headed for Carson as usual.

The Hump

WX pretty nice for January


Was special being out with my Baby


She pedalled 11+ miles with me.


Hey, don't leave me!

Had one little one to show for our efforts on cop car needlefish

Didn't get the memo about lunar phase

Weather just got better as the day went by




Thomas Bouyant


Panther Martins

Various Rapalas

Seps Grubs


Water was actually up by a couple of feet from December. They are obviously holding water here in preparation for the coming drought. Talked to PB’s at the ramp who did well on the wire. Noticed most fish on the meter at 40 ft and lower. May leave the yaks and go tin can next run.


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