New Melones tincan 2-4-12

Spent the last week in garage each evening hanging new FF/GPS combo, dual manual Scotty downriggers, changing seat orientation, rigging a bilge pump and generally cleaning up PO POS wiring. Recruited Dangerous Trebles and Kaster for a New Melons trip to test it all out. Debra made the killer tuna fish/bacon sammys for the crew.

Wife is good


Launched at Tuttletown around 9:00 AM and made our way to the dam. WX was springlike. Kevin nailed a nice bow on a gold rapala near the dam to get the skunk off.

Kaster on a nice Melons bow.


Mike and I both picked up fish on the downriggers 20 ft down.

Mike with Guppy


Mine was on a Thomas Bouyant. Mike had fish on copcar needlefish. Figured out that the riggers need to be moved to midship position and the chairs  changed out to better balance the load but that is what shakedown cruise is for. Mike picks up a spot on the rigger.

Green Trout

Ran to the Carson creek arm but not much going there.  Was able to run 5 lines effectively with few tangles.


What winter?



Sunset at the dam


On the way back to the ramp there was literally 100’s of jumpers and surface feeders but they were not interested in our offerings.


Electric trolling motor ran all day and still had juice. Vitually NO marks on the depth finder strangely.


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