Lazarus goes fishing

I was wrapping up a  pitched and protracted battle with a persistent and migratory bug. I fought it with science and magic as it moved from one organ to the other. After a week on my back I needed outside. Up at 5:00 AM Sunday without a clue as to what to do but  be vertical. Opened one garage and eyed the yaks. Opened the other and spied the tincan newly renovated with d-riggers and other goodies. Checked Melanies’s Glory Hole report touting fish up along shore spawning in coves at New Melones. Gorging on small shad said she. So sexy. Off I was solo with Bauxite Betty in tow.

Fire Wire

Orchards were flagrant.

Allergy in the making

Love this lake.

Swedish Pimple

OTW at 8 to calm conditions blue skies and 40 degree temps. Worked the usual topline stuff in Carson Creek to relatively slow action. Lot’s of surface activity. Bobbered up the creek mouth for a couple of takedowns as I was casting a second rod, both lost to slack line. Trolled back the main body with a couple of trout  and bass to show.





Picked up the gear and ran east of the 9er bridge and wasted some time in the cove below the visitors center. Back to the creek arm for the afternoon non bite

dreamy conditions

and back to the ramp by 5.


Copcar needle fish, Thomas Bouyants, Rapala CD9 and Berkely power minnows 4 ft under a bobboer on a crappie jig head all worked.  I left the riggers sitting today and stayed up top or drifted and casted. Was great to be amongst the living.

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