Old Melones

I may hang up Melones for the season. Two trips in a week with looooots of hours on the job for few fish. Not complaining mind you. I love that lake.  Jerry “Spawn Stalker” and yours truly  left the easy bay at 6 and were handing our money to Melanie and listening to her lies  at 8. She said the bank on both sides outside of the dam cove right up tight was ez pickins up top. We spent 4 hrs at or near the dam for ZIPPO before we finally sobered up enough to make a safe run. Angels Creek arm looked pregnant but we found no interest there.

Not hot spot

Plenty of flow in Angels Creek

We ran riggers from 10-50 ft with various combinations of  creatures, technology and bling attached. We ran toplined everything. 4 rods out. We sucked

. So we beat for Carson Creek the only place on the lake where the fish are dumb enough to bite Jerry. Stringered 3 decent  healthy trout and one pig of a spot.

On the board

SPot on the rigger 30 ft down on Rapala


What sheer luck will get a guy

We were right up where the creek comes in and I was stuffing a bobber with a 2″ berkeley gulp minnow in the froth and heard a splash. Finally figured out the fish were doing their dirty bidness running up the creek pool to pool.

Born Naturalist

Full color

They were not getting very far up as there is a waterfall there 50 yards from the lake.

Bauxite Betty

Back to work for the afternoon shift but all quiet. Saw this family with 2 kids bank fishing at the mouth to carson arm and they lifted a stringer of what looked to be 15-20 trout.


Arrrrgggggh, I am not fishing cheese bait.

Tried at the 9er bridge braving the weather


We bailed at 5 or so. Highlights of the day:

Jerry’s breakfast sammys

Debras lunch sammys

On the water Bloody Marys

Red blends on the launch ramp afterwards.

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