Mendo Auto Mondo

Debra and I were packed and out of town by 1:00. Picked up 101 in Petaluma and head north to Cloverdale where we picked up 128 west. We made a couple of stops in Anderson Valley to stock up on the local portugee reds. Thus fortified we checked in to an 80 year old cottage on the bluffs above Van Damme.

Front porch view

We were out on this point here

Peterson Drive

Dinner at Stevenswood which was practically empty.  Economy hitting pretty hard up there. Saturday morning we were off  to Noyo harbor

Handsome Probiscus

First time I have seen an aluminum inflatable

Purposeful downeaster

Fixer upper



Piece of Cake

recycling what?

I love poking around that harbor. Back on the road for an EPIC drive up hwy 1 north of Ft Bragg where there is a whole lot of nothing for miles. Debra’s car was very happy with the whole affair and we had the road largely to ourselves.


Lots of stops to check out  pocket climb down beaches.


Mendo Lindo

Sea Mount with cave


Post Coital

Whales everywhere this time of year. We crossed over to 101 and ran south to Willits for local 420 friendly lunch. The whole economy up there is tied to gardening. Lot’s of shiny new trucks parked at Wheels Diner. Eel looked very fishy


The last leg Hwy 20 out to Ft Bragg is one fun piece of road despite being a little slick in places. DInner Staurday night at Wild Fish in Little River. Small and highly recommended. Run by a properly droll middle aged Brit couple. Debra drove home Sunday Hwy 1 south to Jenner but we cut inland at that point and beat for home.

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