Bauxite Betty meet Bauxite Beverely

After a year of owning a 1985 14 ft Klamath with tiller steer 25 hp Merc 2 stroke I decided I  really liked the versatilty of a tin can.

Bauxite Betty

High Sierra lakes, foothill lakes, delta and rivers I got a lot of use out of it. Fuel frugal, easy to tow and launch. So as men are wont to do I began to look at newer prettier models with unabated lust. After 2 weeks of solid Craigslist pounding I had a buyer for the old boat and a seller with a 2008 Klamath 15 ft deluxe with side console (no tiller!) and 2009 20 hp Merc 4 stroke. No more oil mixing. One down rigger, a couple of pole holders, oar, life jackets new fishfinder, trolling motor for $6500. A very fair deal. Both the buyers of my old and the sellers of my new were great to deal with, a rarity on the Craigslist world.


Very clean

Bow rail

Lead Sled

Buyers of my old boat are retired brothers and they are pumped.


Maiden voyage tomorrow, rain or no!

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