Fort Camanche

Mike and I popped the new tin can cherry on Camanche Sunday.

88 east

Yours truly

Headed west to Hat Island


We put em in

Trolled around a bit

water 54 degrees, air 48, wind building

Wasted an hour and fled for the narrows



Nothing doing so headed up-river. All kinds of evidence of mining activity


Stone werx

Some cool geology at the river mouth

Fishy locale

Rain, hail, and later wind

Moke here

More werx

So after approx 6 hrs of skunkage we head back to the narrows. For some hail and hail mary

Cop car needle fish toplined 1.0 MPH in the narrows

Mike had a hard time staying focused

The new boat ran and handled great. Going to see some hard use in the near future. Perfect 2 man sled. Needs one more rigger, a couple more pole holders and the all important gimballed drink holders.

Some scenery




Loving the new addition to the fleet

Blurr Bluff

Theys injus up thar

Sweat lodge

Cool lake but I have not figured it out yet.