Berryessa Solo Storm Watch

After contacting 5 different people with not takers I decided to roll solo. Had not fished Berry this year so  that was the destination. Weather report was rain, T-storms, hail and wind. Actual weather excellent! Hit my usual bakery stop in Winters that is open early and stocked up for the day. Stopped at the dam for a quick pic.

Glory hole not spillin, trout fishin was illin

Launched from Markley Cove and commenced to trolling.

Little misty in the AM

Assholes fished here

Pick up your trash jackass

Worked the dam for an hour for nada so headed up the narrows. Turkeys, bald eagles, deer and osprey kept me company. Pulled into a cove and threw a carolina rigged morning dawn worm and bass were easy.

hittin the spots

Trout remained elusive however. Hills were green and scenery very pleasant.

SB cove

Kick back

Had motor issues late in the day so limped it in on the troll.


Berry nice




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