Melons Master Mike

Noticed this disturbing object as I was hooking up the trailer.

Tidal influencer

Dropped off some dollars and picked up a Larry at Glory Hole. An off duty guide advised us iphone pics and all of a hot bite east of the 49er bridge. Also saw pics of a 17# largemouth caught 4-6-12. headed down to the ramp

Lady hump

Launched to very nice conditions.

Melons and Black Death

5 lines out 2 double stacked riggers and a long line on top in the middle. We were hot shit. Action was non stop not

Zen master preparing for battle

After nothing in Carson we headed to the bridge and started to get popped.

1 4 mike

2 for mike


Larry remained unimpressed

Needlefish victim

We worked all depths down to 40 ft and switched up constantly. Weather got better and better

It was all yellow

Creek Blocker

Mike continued to humiliate us


Larry ran the stringer and net divisions of the company

7 in cluding a small koke

Stayed late

Let them drink red


Mike is still cleaning trout I bet


Brace o fish

Pleasure fishing with you Larry. Dangerous, your a dog.

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