Spot rocks and bed raiding

My friend Turhan who was my Delta sensei turned me onto the spotted bass bite  in April at Oroville 8 years ago. I have been back every year since then. I never met a lake I did not like but Oroville is special.

Bass Condos

I have had days at Oroville where I landed 70-80 bass in a day most right up tight to the bank in the top 6 ft of water. Light spinning gear is all you need here as a 3# spot will be a big fish. This year Randy and I hit it 4-19 and of course 4-20.

Weather was hot and clear and windless most of the time which slowed things down to the 30 fish a day category. We caught multiple species and colors.

morning dawn


We stayed mostly on the south fork. Feeder creeks were money.

Trees were money, rockwalls were quiet as I think we timed this about a week early.

Wildife was abundant. We saw osprey fights, bald eagles being strafed by crows, redtails, fox, deer, turkeys etc.


attack crow

Grubs, small flukes and 2 inch power minnows worked. C-rig morning dawn worms worked. Too early for spinnerbaits or cranks. Wildflowers not quite kicking in. Lake level was up and not far from full.

After 2 days of whackin spots we ran to Clear Lake to meet Melon head Mike.

Launched from Red Bud Saturday at 9 and ran hotfoot to the state park. Baby killing bed fishing fools everywhere 50 yards apart.

Some sho nuff pigs on the beds but most were not quite locked on. I do not like bed fishing

but was fascinating watching the fish do the nasty.  Randy and Mike picked away at them with white beavers and horny toads.

Basically you would bump em in the head for 10 minutes until they got hot and flared on the bait. I forced myself on a couple.

Sometimes they would just pick it up and move it off the nest. Primal. Speaking of which we witnessed a brutal gang rape of a female duck by 4 males in concert. This display of feathered thuggery lasted a couple of minutes with as many as 4 males AT A TIME holding the female underwater. I think Mike got video.

One of the loverly couples


likes to share

We bounced around the lake but could not get anything going off the beds. Clear Lake continues to mystify me.

Off the water at 7 and a looooong ride home.

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