Nacimiento Lost Weekend

Had the pleasure of camping with the Stellmans and Neo this weekend at Naci.

Dam fog

Perfect campsite, yaks galore, decent fishing, party barge narrows excursion, great food and copious drankin conspired to deliver a relaxing weekend.

The lovely crew


Rare Dahls porpoise sighting

Cliff diver Jerry

50 ft up and 50 years old

Balls of Steel

Jerry’s daughter Stephanie

chip off the old block

We fished a  bit off the yaks.



White roostertails are money at Naci.

Spotted one

Inshore tuna on the redline

Stellmans personal cove

killer kampsite

This is a vacation moment

repeat offender

Brothers from another mother

Buzzards started circling expectantly when the blender came out

Turns out Jerry is extraordinarily light on his feet. Unfortunately for surrounding campers he simply cannot sing.

Dancing under the stars

Rap Fan


Spice Girls World Tour

Squirrels need stompin


Good times.

Blurry Brothers