Menominee Mancaving

Debra and I flew to Chicago for a few days of Midwestern R&R. We setup on the Magnificent Mile at the Intercontinental. We spent a couple of days in town hitting Topolobambo, Ric’s garages, Field Museum  and some protestors.

MagMile hotel shot

Chicago boys town flat

Bad ass teener

custom Brumos wheels

Lightened key worth 5-8 MPH

Eats Miatas

Chitown scene




Friday morning we were off to Plymouth Indiana for a weekend of hardcore relaxing. Our hosts Ric and Tirtza plied us with food and drink and all of the locals paid a visit. Bonfires, fishing, banjo mangling, mancaving, shooting shit and shooting the shit, and property surveying ensued.

Occupy this

Bingo the wonder dog knows when we are close to the lake house.

Almost there

Fish right in the backyard!

Frog caught


Ric’s place is on a series of connected lakes that are filthy with wildlife of all kinds. We hit it hard on two occasions but fish were off the bit. You could bobber up all of the sunfish you wanted but bass were not playing along.

Capn Ricardo

Lillypad heaven


Got to stomp around Ric’s new 10 acre retreat which features hundreds of trees, a 90 year old cabin, creek, game trails, deer stands etc. Some big but long term plans in the making.


Clan meeting

Deer guard tower

Chicken coop cabin

bottom land

Year round creek

Mistress of the Mountain

Adjourned to Brents mancave to drank sum beers, bbq some burgers, play n the ATV’s, shoot some crazy ass guns, and admire the latest Lemons IOE contendor. Meed the Gulp Racing Carerror.


LOL 1/2 of a rubbermaid trashcan

Aerodynamique Coleman stove fuel can scoop

The testosterone was flowing


Some rounds were dispensed from exotic automatic weapons complete with laser sites and “suppressors”. Don’t break into these guys houses.


Nino cautioning the cat to stay uprange


This is a shot of the mancave from across the lake Brent is building.

Paradise with a lake view

This car will debut in 3 weeks on the Lemons circuit


Cowboy Ric

Brent is simply a badass shooter

Modern warfare

Look closely as Clay points to the bullsyeye hit 2X in a row from I am guessing 50 yards with a crossbow. No shit less than 2 inches from the bull.



Hood ornament

Was going to go to the local trailer races but was too pooped so took a pic of the lineup. The Gulp car will track test there next week.

Trailer races at Plymouth raceway

Thank you Ric, Tirtza, Nino, Clay, Sharon and all the Indiana clan for a great time.



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