Gulp Racing Poorsche Carerror Joliet Debut

So we infected my brother in law Ric with the Lemons bug. We’re talking 24 hrs of Lemons.A car racing series for the middle class clown.

My son has driven in several of these races with the Faster Farms team.

Faster Farms 66 Belvedere

Gallery from 09 Thunderhill race

Photobucket gallery from the 2011 Sears Pointless race

Here is a shot of Pat performing routine maintenance on the car before it’s transformation into the  aerodynamique race chariot of today.

Chip off the old block

In between crashes Pat gets hungry

3 of the drivers are Peridot Team members. The ringleader Adrian is a true lunatic who I have had the pleasure to work with for 20 yrs.

I have really enjoyed my time at Lemons event as a supporter and spectator, not yet a driver. Shit happens in racing and I am still really uptight when my kid is behind the wheel but I am living vicariously through him.

Check the one handed driving in this one.

There has been contact,

That will buff right out

Off Piste

and a rollover.

Post rollover Thunderhill

In true Lemons style the Belvedere was driven home 4 hrs back to the bay area after the rollover dirt sticking to the roof.

For whatever reasons the FF team is currently dormant so Pat is flying out to Chicago in the morning to drive for the Gulp Racing Poorsche Carerror Team.

Today  I designed and laser engraved plaques for the car and each of the drivers. They came out great.

Team Captain Plaque

Drivers plaques

The race is at a country club track in Joliet this weekend. Just finished packing 3 gopros, multiple mounts cables, memory cards etc.  Tear it up Gulp Racing!


UPDATE: Car ran and handled great for 5.5 hrs and then threw a chunk. Valiant effort dissed by the Judge. Check it:

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