Gold Lakes Basin with Venison Vertical assist


Debra and I left Friday noon for Portola Ca. our base for the weekend. My son borrowed my 4 wheel drive so we took Debra’s.

We stayed at Chalet View in Portola which is servicible but nondescript. Have stayed at Gray Eagle Lodge and Elwell Lodge previously which are both seriously rustic.


Weather was quite cold and VERY windy. We got blown off of ten different bodies of water including Gold Lake, Salmon Lake, Packer Lake, Sardine, Goose, Davis Lake, Middle fork Feather, Salmon Creek etc.

Gold Lake Sheep

Gold Launch

Salmon Lake



Sierra Buttes above Sardine

Davis Wind Tunnel

So we just cruised around taking in the sights

God’s country

Long View

Sunday we decided to head back on 49 through Downieville etc. The road was in great shape, little traffic and I was in a nice rhythm when all of a sudden a deer dropped out of the sky and attacked my right front fender! Took out the headlight and side marker and it looks like bumper, fender, bonnet and drivers door will have to be replaced.


Minor tire rubbing

Had to change my shorts as well. The rest of the drive home was pretty subdued.

Some pic edits for fun

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