Bouy Trouble

Got the pass to fish Sunday. Having had recent work done to the boat I left for Pier 39 Saturday afternoon to prepare.Checked all systems and decided to stay for the night. They opened a sports bar at the end of the pier which is mighty convenient so I had a couple of drinks and ordered fish and chips to go. Killer view of Alcatraz and the gate from the bar. Back aboard with a bottle of Syrah, dramamine and a viewing of the movie “The Prestige” (WTF David Bowie as Nikolai Tesla?).Out by 10 PM

. Mr. Cake, Dangerous Trebles and world class napper Chilly B rolled in exactly on time at 7 and we were off by 7:30. A quick stop at J&P for a big scoop of 4 inch anchovies, a chance encounter with Mel and $50 lighter we were off.

Pier Review

Salmon reports were 18 miles out and I was desperately hoping for an early showing of something in the bay but my bluff was called and we headed under the red steel.


I have run up the Marin coast to the towers and Dux but this was my first time out 18 miles from the gate so was happy to be there with experts with local bouy knowledge.

Bash Brothers

We messed around in the lane for a bit but water did not look right. We ran for DD’s numbers which was where Dean was Saturday. AT various times during the day we ran across, blue whales, Sea Draggins, Mooch Betters. Salmon Suckers, Night Hawks, Flash and a few salmon.

close to 15#

1st sammy on my boat for several years

PETA lover not

Have no clue where the fleet was as the fog stayed tight to the water. Wind and swell was most enjoyable. I stayed on the bridge for the most part as this crew knows how to run a ball draggin deck. We ran RSK’s, FBR’s WMA’s, Crocs, flashers, divers, up and around 43 and 49 for two fish and a couple of drive bys. Pounded the pattern until around 16:00 while Chilly and the Cake Eater traded nappy times. Whale show was awesome


Tiny dorsal?

Glory Hole

Weather great all day. A bit of washing machine at the point coming in.

Was grateful as we rolled back in that I had no Mal de Mare symptoms all day.

Welcome sight

Things I tried that worked:

Dramamine night before

another that morning

decent nights sleep only mildly inebriated

no coffee

stay on the bridge

Next time I’m having coffee.

We looked around a little bit at Bonita and inside but were back at the dock by 5:30.

Let them eat Cake


Cleaning fish at the dock.

3 hands

O face


Thanks to the crew for the cleanup, cash and camaraderie.

Roasted red potatoes, corn on the cob, plank roasted salmon with buerre blanc sauce and a Fume Blanc were today’s reward.

One thought on “Bouy Trouble

  1. The PDC crew!Part of the REDCUP crew and you didn’t get sick?Man thats a hell’ve a day and i think you had a buddy you couldn’t see with you,but i’ll bet you could feel him.Let jackass run wild.Good on ya Pic.

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