Salmon limits N Bouy Saturday 7-7-12

Mel G picked me up in Ptown at 4:45. We were locked and loaded by 5:30 at P39 when Stellman and Neo rolled out onto the pier.

Ice and pinner bait loaded we flew out the gate in thick fog for Nancy Bouy. Swell was a bit higher and closer than forecasted but I was riding 2 tabs of Dramanine and determined to man up. Nothing at the bouy but radar showed us the fleet was 2-3 miles due west. Steady pick all day on WMA. Had a few singles.

Had a few doubles.



Lost a couple of big girls and decided to start keeping the 22 inchers. Steve bangs a 20 despite Mel’s best attempts to knock it off the net.

I definitely need a longer handle net. Jerry had some action on hoochie flasher combo. We were between 30 to 50 pulls on droppers today. Couple of whales and lots of murres, no jelly that we saw. Boxed our go home fish around 2:30. Played around a bit on the way back on the rocks for a couple of dinks and at the dock at 4.

Jerry is smoking the bulk of our catch. Thanks to a crew that knows how to run the deck! First limits on the Peridot!

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