Salmonot 7-15-12

Debra and I spent the night on the boat Saturday night. My son Patrick and his bud Randy D rolled out on the pier on time at 7 and we were off. We ran out and up in nice conditions with at times a few miles viz. Stopped on tons of birds and huge clouds of bait at Dux. 4 or 5 skiffs and a party boat. They were all rockfishing and the boys wanted salmon so we headed out to N bouy. Hardly a soul around at N. Did not want to run to Pt Reyes at 11:00 AM so we headed south. Found killer sign, diving birds and hali whaler commies at North bar. Crew elected to run for lunch at Bonita despite decent conditions. Found my drift in Bonita and put a ling and a half dozen blacks in the box. Tried Angel and Red Rock for halis and back at the dock by 3:30.

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