Salmon Hella

Debra and I left the house Saturday AM for West Marine. I picked up a Todd Ladderback helm seat to replace the piece of shit OEM Garelick seat.

Hit Millers West Coast deli on Polk for lunch. Highly recommended. With a few choice words I had the seat installed late afternoon and attended to a few more repairs. Having a boat at Pier 39 is like going to the circus regularly. Between the foreign tourists and local crazies there is always some sort of action. Saturdays circus was the Curtis Sliwa shakedown.

La Guardian Angles

Mustache that talks

We left P39 by foot at 6 PM and headed up to Union square and back down into Chinatown.

Had an interesting dinner at the Far East Cafe on Grant (not recommended) including an interesting take on Long Island Iced Tea. I had to have two to fully appreciate the interpretation. These long neighborhood exploring walks Debra and I do when we are staying on the boat are what keeps us from selling  it. Never get tired of cruising North Beach and trying new places to eat or get a drink. Crashed hard after a bottle of Rioja and a gently rocking Peridot.


Dangerous Trebles showed up right on time as usual and we were lines off at 7:15.

Passed up Dyno for tray bait for once. Fog was light and wind non existent. Everone rounded the corner at Bonita and hung a right so we followed to find 4 cattle boats and quite a few skiffs.

Dangerous rigged two rods with cable baiters and frozen anchovies. 5 minutes later one goes off and we boat a cooperative fish.

Quiet for a while with an occasional net out. Swell neglible.

Saw some of the usual suspects

Picked up a 22 incher and noted that the PB’s had slipped away. We picked up and ran towards the channel bouys but stopped halfway from Muir as a couple of the boats had stopped. Picked up #3 fish which appeared to be in the high teens. Swam right into the net with no theatrics glad to join the upcoming dinner party.

Fog lifted and the whole fleet appeared to be at the last set of shipping channel buoys so we shoehorned right in.

Wacky Jacky led us to another fish and we had #4 on board.

We could see from Half Moon bay, to the Farallones and all the way up to Pt Reyes.

Dogged Shim for a bit.

Pilot boat had 2 rods out LOL

Called it early and back at the dock by 4:00 PM. Thanks to Mike for:

Running the deck

Catching all the fish

Cleaning all the fish

Thanks to me for falling asleep at the helm and professional net services.

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