Eagle Lake-The Root is on Fire

Left Pleasanton at noon on Friday for the LOOOOOONG drive to Eagle Lake.

Hit up Granzellas for lunch in Willows, HIGHLY recommended. Finally off the hwy at Red Bluff and headed up towards Almanor.

Ponderosa fire was burning close to the highway.As we were in traffic I saw a familiar sticker on a trailer two cars in front.

Dangerous Trebles and his better half en rendevouz. Helos continued darting back and forth

Retardant convoy

Once they let us through we continued up the road in thick smoke to Diamond Mtn casino in Susanville.

Banged on the slots for a few hrs and went to bed. Up and out at 9:00 AM Sat morning for the 15 mile ride to Eagle. Still plenty of smoke.

Checked into Merrill campground

Launched the yaks around 11:00 AM as the morning shift was leaving.

Got pinned to the bank very quickly as the winds came up. No fish were killed in the making of this report (unfortunately).

Made the best of it with a relaxing day back at camp. Company, Food and grub excellent as usual.

Looking forward to going back to Eagle but will make sure I have a few days to stay next time. Several I talked to said fishing was red hot on nightcrawlers and slip bobbers at 25 feet.




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